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List of Certificate/Diploma Holders
Sample Certificate / Diploma        


Now you can earn a Training Links certificate for each training CD.

As a matter of Policy, Training Links requires an Undertaking from the trainee that he/she has gone through all of the Training Clips in the CD and have learned at least 80% training session with reasonable skills. The 'Undertaking Form' would be dispatched to the applicant after receiving the request for Certificate (Processing Fee will apply as per policy). The above said Undertaking has to be attested by the Grade one Officer or Local representatives (Nazim, Naib-Nazim or Councilor).

Download Undertaking Form  (MS Word Format - 27K)

You may apply for following certificates.

1. Graphics and Animation
    i) Adobe Photoshop
    ii) AutoCAD
    iii) Macromedia Flash
    iv) Freehand
    v) Coral Draw

2.  Office Usage Packages
    i) MS Windows, Internet Explorer and MS Outlook
    ii) MS Word
    iii) MS Excel
    iv) MS PowerPoint
    v) MS Access

3. (Under Process)
    i) Visual Basic
    ii) C- Sharp
    iv) Java

Certificate/Diploma Award List

The Data of all the Certificate Holders would be made available to the Employers and on-line jobs. The Certificate verification for employers would be Free of charges.

Update Every 25th Day of the Month.

Cert. No.   Name   Certificate Title  Issue Date
TL-4/04500   Shakil Ahmed   AutoCAD 2002 11/08/2004 Kohat
TL-1/04501   Zaeem Arshad   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 25/08/2004 Hyderabad
TL-1/04502   Humair Shahid   Adobe Photoshop 6/7 01/09/2004 Karachi
TL-4/04503   Tasleem M. Khan   MS Excel 10/10/2004 Karachi
TL-4/04504   Jay Kumar   AutoCAD 2002 10/10/2004 Karachi
TL-2/04505   Aasif M. Khan

Webpage Designing & Hosting

12/10/2004 Karachi
TL-4/04506   Muhammad Farooq   AutoCAD 2002 12/10/2004 Kot Addu
TL-3/04507   Haris Dar   MS Excel 15/10/2004 Lahore
TL-3/04508  Talal Asad Dar   MS Excel 18/10/2004 Lahore
TL-2/04509   Farhan Mohammad   Webpage Designing & Hosting 18/10/2004 Karachi
TL-1/04510   Munir Ahmed   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 18/10/2004 Lahore
TL-4/04511   Tariq Siddiqui   AutoCAD 2002 18/10/2004 Kot Addu
TL-4/04512   Zahid Majeed   AutoCAD 2002 19/10/2004 Karachi
TL-3/04513   Kashif Jamil   MS Excel 25/10/2004 Saudi Arabia
TL-4/04514   Anwar Khan   AutoCAD 2002 26/10/2004 Swat, NWFP
TL-3/04515   Abdul Rouf Khan   MS Excel 27/10/2004 Kuwait
TL-4/04516   Himayat Ullah     AutoCAD 2002 29/11/2004 Swabi, NWFP
TL-4/04517   Shaique Siddique     AutoCAD 2002 29/11/2004 Karachi
TL-2/04518   M. Asif   Webpage Designing & Hosting 04/12/2004 Azad Kashmir
TL-4/04519   M. Tanveer  Aslam   AutoCAD 2002 04/12/2004 Sheikhupura
TL-4/04520   Khush Navid   AutoCAD 2002 04/12/2004 Hyderabad
TL-4/0521   Mohammad Anwar   AutoCAD 2002 31/01/2005 Swabi, NWFP
TL-1/05522   Yasir Farooq   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 08/02/2005 Rawalpindi
TL-1/05523   Himayat Ullah   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 08/02/2005 Swabi
CBT/05524   Himayat Ullah   Macromedia FreeHand 10 16/02/2005 Swabi
CBT/05525   Himayat Ullah   Macromedia Flash MX 16/02/2005 Swabi
TL-4/05526   Mohammad Idrees   AutoCAD 2002 24/02/2005 Swabi
TL-1/05527   Rashid Mahmood   Requirement Not Fulfilled 24/02/2005 Swabi
TL-2/05528   Rashid Mahmood   Requirement Not Fulfilled 24/02/2005 Swabi
TLD-1/05529   Himayat Ullah   Diploma in
  Graphics & Animation
17/03/2005 Swabi
TL-4/05530   Fiaz Ahmed   AutoCAD 2002 17/03/2005 Lahore
TL-3/05531   Khurram Dar   MS Excel 22/03/2005 Bahareen
TL-4/05532   Ghulam Sadid Ud Din   AutoCAD 2002 28/03/2005 Karachi
TL-3/05533   Mian Shahbaz Ahmed   MS Excel 31/03/2005 Sheikhupura
TL-2/05534   Pervez Ahmed Shaikh   Webpage Designing & Hosting 31/03/2005 Larkana
TL-3/05535   Pervez Ahmed Shaikh   MS Excel 31/03/2005 Larkana
TL-4/05536   Zubair Sultan   AutoCAD 2002 08/04/2005 Karachi
TL-4/05537   Ashar Iqbal   AutoCAD 2002 15/04/2005 Gujranwala
TL-4/05538   Raees-e-Azam   AutoCAD 2002 30/04/2005 Gujrat
TL-4/05539   Sheikh Adnan Ahmed   AutoCAD 2002 04/05/2005 Karachi
TL-2/05540   Abdul Fatah Memon   MS Office XP (Part-A) 04/05/2005 Hyderabad
TL-2/05540   Abdul Fatah Memon   Webpage Designing & Hosting 04/05/2005 Hyderabad
TL-4/05541   Abdul Fatah Memon   AutoCAD 2002 09/05/2005 Hyderabad
TL-4/05543   Imran-ul-Haq    AutoCAD 2002 20/05/2005 Sialkot
TL-1/05544   Adnan Gul Mirza    Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 20/05/2005 Multan
TL-4/05545   Muhammad Irfan   AutoCAD 2002 21/05/2005 Topi, Swabi
TL-2/05546   Muhammad Irfan   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 21/05/2005 Topi, Swabi
TL-4/05547   Muhammad Zaman   AutoCAD 2002 25/05/2005 Sialkot
TL-4/05548   Muhammad Yamin   AutoCAD 2002 28/05/2005 Sargodha
TL-4/05549   Aurang Zeb   AutoCAD 2002 29/05/2005 Charsadda
TL-2/05550   M. Asfandiyar Hussain   Webpage Designing & Hosting 29/05/2005 Charsadda
TL-1/05551   Zahir Shah   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 29/05/2005 Charsadda
CBT/05552   Shahzad Pervez   MS Office XP (Part-A) 07/06/2005 Hyderabad
TL-1/05553   Shahzad Pervez   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 07/06/2005 Hyderabad
TL-1/05554   Irfan Ullah   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 15/06/2005 Sawat
TL-4/05555   Irfan Ullah   AutoCAD 2002 15/06/2005 Karachi
TL-4/05556   Abdul Kamal   AutoCAD 2002 31/08/2005 Malakand
TL-4/05557   Shakil Ahmed Khan   AutoCAD 2002 31/08/2005 Gujrat
CBT/05558   Shakil Ahmed Khan   MS Project 2000 31/08/2005 Gujrat
TL-1/05559   Muhammad Arshad   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 31/08/2005 Lahore
TL-1/05560   Rana Faisal   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 31/08/2005 Sialkot
TL-2/05561   Rana Faisal   Webpage Designing & Hosting 31/08/2005 Sialkot
TL-3/05562   Rana Faisal   MS Excel 31/08/2005 Sialkot
TL-4/05563   Rana Faisal   AutoCAD 2002 31/08/2005 Sialkot
CBT/05564   Syed Jawad Zahoor   Web Technologies: HTML,
  Macromedia Flash, Dream
  Weaver, Java Script.
31/08/2005 Chakwal
TL-2/05565   Muhammad Arshad   Requirement Not Fulfilled 10/09/2005 Lahore
TL-3/05566   Arif Jan   MS Excel 10/09/2005 Karachi
TL-4/05567   M. Idrees Khan   AutoCAD 2002 30/09/2005 Azad Kashmir
TL-1/05568   Muhammad Yaseen   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 30/09/2005 Attock
TL-3/05569   Muhammad Yaseen   MS Excel 30/09/2005 Attock
TL-2/05570   Muhammad Yaseen   Webpage Designing & Hosting 30/09/2005 Attock
TL-4/05571   Mohammad Ali   AutoCAD 2002 28/10/2005 Sawabi
TL-4/05572   Khalid Baig   AutoCAD 2002 14/11/2005 Dubai
CBT/05573   Khalid Baig   MS PowerPoint 14/11/2005 Dubai
CBT/05574   Khalid Baig   3D Studio Max 14/11/2005 Dubai
TL-1/05575   Affaf Safdar   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 14/11/2005 Sialkot
TL-2/05576   Affaf Safdar   Webpage Designing & Hosting 14/11/2005 Sialkot
TL-2/05577   Noor Alam Khan   Webpage Designing & Hosting 19/11/2005 Chitral
TL-4/05577   Ali Muhammad Khan   AutoCAD 2002 27/12/2005 Hyderabad
TL-1/05578   Muhammad Tahir   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 26/01/2006 Faisalabad
TL-4/05579   Nisar Ahmed   AutoCAD 2002 06/02/2006 Haripur
TL-4/05580   Syed Arif Hassan   AutoCAD 2002 18/03/2006 Karachi
TL-4/05581   Sajjad Hussain   AutoCAD 2002 22/03/2006 Rawalpindi
TL-4/05582   Ghulam Murtaza Anjum   AutoCAD 2002 30/03/2006 Malakwal
TL-5/05583   Ghulam Murtaza Anjum   Email Marketing 31/03/2006 Malakwal
TL-1/05584   Sami ullah   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 05/04/2006 Dir (Upper)
TL-4/05585   Syed Arif Hussain   AutoCAD 2002 16/04/2006 Karachi
TL-4/05586   Zeeshan Iqbal   AutoCAD 2002 16/04/2006 Peshawar
TL-5/05587   Ghulam Murtaza Anjum   Coral Draw 12 16/04/2006 Malakwal
TL-4/05588   Umair Maqsood   MS Excel 24/04/2006 Bahawalnagar
TL-4/05589   Jan Muhammad   AutoCAD 2002 29/04/2006 Lahore
TL-4/05590   Zaheer Ahmed Janjua   AutoCAD 2002 25/05/2006 Mandi Bahu-ud-din
TL-4/05591   Gulam Nabi   AutoCAD 2002 17/06/2006 Sargodha
TL-4/05592   Rashid Aftab   AutoCAD 2002 04/07/2006 Dubai
TL-4/05593   Qaisar Abbas   AutoCAD 2002 17/07/2006 G.G. Khan
TL-4/05594   Naveed Akhter   AutoCAD 2002 21/09/2006 Khushab
TL-4/05595   Talib Hussain   AutoCAD 2002 21/09/2006 Multan
TL-2/05596   M. Shah Fahad Gul   Webpage Designing & Hosting 22/09/2006 Nowshera
TL-1/05597   M. Farhan   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 22/09/2006 Lahore
TL-4/05598   M. Rizwanullah   MS Office (Word, Excel & Power Point) 30/09/2006 Lahore
TL-4/05599   Muhammad Aziz Bhatti   AutoCAD 2002 02/10/2006 Khushab
TL-4/05600   M. Farhan   AutoCAD 2002 18/10/2006 Lahore
TL-1/05601   Shah Fahad Gul   Requirement Not Fulfilled 18/10/2006 Nowshera
TL-3/05602   Shah Fahad Gul   Requirement Not Fulfilled 18/10/2006 Nowshera
TL-4/05603   Liaqat Hussain   AutoCAD 2002 18/10/2006 Multan
TL-4/05604   Aamir Rehmani   AutoCAD 2002 25/11/2006 Ahmad Pur
TLD-3/05605   Himayat Ullah   Diploma in Office Automation 29/11/2006 Hangu
TLD-1/05606   Mohd. Salman Jwaid   Diploma in Graphics and
19/12/2006 Karachi
TL-4/05607  Muhammad Riaz   AutoCAD 2002 18/12/2006 Loharn
TL-4/05608     Requirements not full filled    
TL-4/05609     Requirements not full filled    
TL-4/05610     Requirements not full filled    
TL-4/05611     Requirements not full filled    
TL-4/05612     Requirements not full filled    
TL-4/05613     Requirements not full filled    
TLD-1/05614   Nisar Ahmed   Diploma in Graphics and
02/02/2007 Haripur, NWFP
TL-4/05614   Yousaf Kamal   AutoCAD 2002 12/03/2007 Bannu, NWFP
TL-5/05615   Naveed Shahzad   Email Marketing 12/03/2007 Mansehra
TL-4/05616   Arif Ali   AutoCAD 2002 15/03/2007 Faisalabad
TL-4/05617   Naeem Shahzad   AutoCAD 2002 31/03/2007 Gujarat
TL-3/05618   Naeem Shahzad   MS Excel 31/03/2007 Gujarat
TL-4/05619   Tariq Mehmood   AutoCAD 2002 08/05/2007 Haripur, Hazara
TL-4/05620   Arif Rehmani   AutoCAD 2002 24/05/2007 Ahmad Pur
TL-4/05621   Arif Rehmani   Coral Draw 12 24/05/2007 Ahmad Pur
TL-4/05622   Arif Rehmani   Diploma in Office Automation 24/05/2007 Ahmad Pur
TL-1/05623   Talib Hussain   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 25/05/2007 Multan
CBT/05624   Talib Hussain   3D Studio Max 25/05/2007 Multan
TL-4/05625   Muhammad Rizwan   Diploma in Graphics and
14/07/2007 Karachi
TL-4/05626   Muhammad Faisal Khan   Diploma in Graphics and
14/07/2007 Karachi
TL-4/05627   Nasir Raza   AutoCAD 2002 03/09/2007 Lahore
TL-4/05628   Sharifullah   AutoCAD 2002 14/09/2007 Haripur
TL-4/05629   Zafar Iqbal   AutoCAD 2002 17/10/2007 Karachi
TL-4/05630   Jawaid Ahmed   AutoCAD 2002 25/10/2007 Karachi
TL-4/05631   Musanif Shah   AutoCAD 2002 27/10/2007 Malakand
TL-4/05632   Ishtiaq Ahmad   AutoCAD 2002 01/11/2007 Lahore
TL-4/05633   Muhammad Afzaal   AutoCAD 2002 06/11/2007 Okara
TL-1/05634   Rizwan  Ali   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 12/11/2007 Hassan Abdal
TL-4/05635   Mujahid Razaq   AutoCAD 2002 20/11/2007 Sahiwal
TL-3/05636   Syed Abbas Hussain   MS Excel 24/12/2007 Karachi
TL-1/05637   Syed Obaid Hussain   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 24/12/2007 Karachi
TL-4/05638   Muhammad Aslam   AutoCAD 2002 26/12/2007 Gujranwala
TL-3/05639   Muhammad Ansar    MS Excel 04/01/2008 Haripur
TL-5/05640   Muhammad Ansar   Email Marketing 04/01/2008 Haripur
TL-4/05641   Muhammad Ilyas   AutoCAD 2002 18/01/2008 Mansehra
TL-4/05642   Masoud Raheem   AutoCAD 2002 21/01/2008 Nowshera
TL-2/05643   B.A d/o Habib Ghani   Webpage Designing & Hosting 22/02/2008 Wah Cantt
TL-4/05644   Muhammad Fahim   AutoCAD 2002 15/04/2008 Malakand
TL-5/05645   Muhammad Ilyas   Email Marketing 19/04/2008 Mansehra
TL-4/05646   Faisal Nawaz   AutoCAD 2002 05/05/2008 Karachi
TL-2/05647   M. Sohaib-ur-Rehman   Webpage Designing & Hosting 12/02/2008 Tpba Tek Singh
TL-4/05648   Abdul Waheed   AutoCAD 2002 27/05/2008 Nowshera
TL-4/05649   Mushtaq Ahmad   AutoCAD 2002 20/06/2008 Mardan
TL-1/05650   Imran Aziz   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 26/06/2008 Sialkot
TL-1/05651   Hammad Hussain   Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 19/07/2008 Karachi
TL-4/05652   Muhammad Imran   AutoCAD 06/08/2008 Lahore
TL-4/05653   Tanveer Ahmed   AutoCAD 11/08/2008 Rahim Yar Khan
TL-4/05654   Muhammad Fahad Islam   AutoCAD 18/08/2008 Karachi
TL-4/05655   Sohail Khan   AutoCAD 15/09/2008 Attock
TL-4/05656   Imran Murtaza Chughtai   AutoCAD 05/10/2008 Chakwal
TL-4/05657   Ali Shayan   AutoCAD 05/10/2008 Lahore
TL-4/05658   Muhammad Ikram   AutoCAD 18/10/2008 Dir (Upper)
TL-5/05659   Neelam Arshad   Email Marketing 03/11/2008 Sialkot
TL-4/05660   Abdul Rehman   AutoCAD 06/11/2008 Lahore
TL-4/05661   Shah Hussain   AutoCAD 22/11/2008 Rawalpindi
TL-4/05662   Nseer-ud-din   AutoCAD 02/1/2009 Mansehra
TL-4/05663   Muhammad Younus   AutoCAD 20/2/2009 Mirpurkhas
TL-4/05664   Khalid Javed   AutoCAD 09/3/2009 Gugranwala
TL-1/05665   Abdul Rehman Memon  Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 12/3/2009 Hyderabad
TL-4/05666   Mubashar Irshad  AutoCAD 13/3/2009 Multan
TL-3/05667   M. Arslan Khan  MS Office 08/04/2009 Layyah
TL-1/05668   Saira Sohail Anwari  Adobe PhotoShop 6/7 03/04/2009 Karachi
TL-5/05669   M. Arslan Khan   Coral Draw 12 12/05/2009 Layyah
TL-4/05670   Sohail Kamran  AutoCAD 12/05/2009 Chakwal
TL-xx/05671   Muhammad Imran  Coral Draw 12 27/06/2009 D.G. Khan
TL-4/05672   Arsalan Hassan Bukhari   AutoCAD 01/07/2009 Multan
TL-4/05673   Muhammad Nawaz   AutoCAD 24/07/2009 Noushahro Feroze
TL-xx/05674   Muhammad Saleh  AutoCAD 24/07/2009 Noushahro Feroze
TL-4/05675  Ghulam Raza   AutoCAD 24/07/2009 Noushahro Feroze
TL-4/05676   Muhammad Asif Iqbal Siddiqui  AutoCAD 04/08/2009 Karachi
TL-4/05677   Qamar Shahzad  AutoCAD 31/08/2009 Nanaka Sahib
TLD-A/05678   Muhammad Awais   Diploma in Graphics and Animation 07/09/2009 Jhalum
TL-4/05679   Muhammad Salman Shahid  AutoCAD 05/10/2009 Malakand
TL-4/05680   Tanveer Ahmad   AutoCAD 15/10/2009 Toba Take Singh
TL-2/05681   Tanveer Ahmad   FrontPage
 Webpage Designing & Hosting
15/10/2009 Toba Take Singh
TLD/05682   Muhammad Awais  Diploma in Office Automation 10/11/2009 Jhalum
TL-5/05683   Muhammad Awais  Email Marketing 10/11/2009 Jhalum
TL-4/05684   Muhammad Sohail  AutoCAD 12/11/2009 Multan
TL-4/05685   Mansoor Ahmed  AutoCAD 12/01/2010 Rawalpindi
TL-4/05686   Khalid Mahmood  AutoCAD 18/01/2010 Nowshera Virkan
TL-4/05687   Muhammad Afzal  AutoCAD 19/01/2010 Nowshera Virkan
TL-4/05688   Ramesh Lal Lund  AutoCAD 20/01/2010 Karachi
TL-4/05689   Kashif Maqbool  AutoCAD 29/01/2010 Shahpur Jahania Moro
TL-4/05690   Muhammad Faisal  AutoCAD 09/02/2010 Multan
TL-4/05691   Muhammad Zahid  AutoCAD 09/02/2010 Multan
TL-4/05692   Kashif Maqbool  AutoCAD 12/02/2010 Shahpur Jahania
TL-3/05693   Saira Sohail Anwari  MS Excel 19/06/2010 Karachi
TL-4/05694   Abdul Shakoor  AutoCAD 01/07/2010 Rawalpindi
TL-4/05695   Sajjad Alam  AutoCAD 07/09/2010 Lala Moosa
TL-4/05696   Irfan Ali  AutoCAD 14/09/2010 Larkama
TL-3/05697   Irfan Ali  MS Excel 14/09/2010 Larkama
TL-2/05698   Irfan Ali  FrontPage
 Webpage Designing & Hosting
14/09/2010 Larkama
TL-4/05699   Adil Jan  AutoCAD 24/09/2010 Jalala-Mardan
TL-3/05700   Adil Jan  MS Excel 24/09/2010 Jalala-Mardan
TL-4/05701   Mohsin s/o
 AutoCAD 29/11/2010 Toba Tak Singh
TL-6/05702   Mohsin s/o
 Coral Draw 12 29/11/2010 Toba Tak Singh
TL-4/05711   Muhammad Kashif s/o
  Munawar Hussain
 AutoCAD 12/2/2011 Faisalabad
TL-4/05712   Nadeem Ahmed s/o
 AutoCAD 02/05/2011 Nawab Shah
TL-4/05713    Requirements not full filled    
TL-4/05714    Requirements not full filled    
TL-4/05715    Requirements not full filled    
TL-4/05716   Muhammad Abbas s/o
  Muhammad Ayub
 Diploma in Office Automation 26/05/2011 Haripur
TL-4/05717   Muhammad Abbas s/o
  Muhammad Ayub
  AutoCAD 26/05/2011 Haripur
TL-4/05718  Saira Sohail Anwari   FrontPage
  Webpage Designing & Hosting
22/07/2011 Karachi
TLD/05719   Imran Shahzad s/o
  Allah Ditta Chan
 Diploma in Office Automation 05/09/2011 Gujrat