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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive my Certificates when I have send my duly filled Undertaking form?

We will dispatch your Certificates thru VPL. Kindly make payment of Rs. 250 for each certificate to the postman when you receive the certificates. Your name will be updated in our website by 25th of next month.

Tell me about the AutoCAD Training and Certification Package?

The Package for AutoCAD is of Rs. 500 which includes
1. AutoCAD CD
2. Password for single Computer
3. AutoCAD Certificate
4. Web insertion of your name in our Website
5. Postage with our marketing material
Please confirm your order with complete mailing Address, so that, we can dispatch you the AutoCAD CD. The postman will collect the amount at the time of delivery.

I have reloaded the Windows and my user ID is changed?

Yes some time it happens that when you reload the Windows the User ID changes. But now we have devised a system that can have same user ID for computer even after reloading windows or formatting the system. InshAllah, our future CDs will contain this procedure.
By the way we have find out that on an average one has to format the system twice a year and our CDs contains 8 to 10 hour Training which will be easily learned in One months time. Therefore we can at maximum provide you another Password for different User ID within one months time you purchased the Password.

Could you please provide me these CDs with their Passwords and Certificates free of charges?

Please try to understand, we are doing business and bearing certain cost to do so. If we pass on these CDs and its password free of charges, it would be difficult for us to survive and  ultimately we have to shutdown our office and business. This minimal cost which you pay for Password will keep this lamp lightened and you will see more and more CDs on new and advanced topics in the market.
Please be hopeful it is just a beginning for this kind of work in Urdu. even in India this work has not been started yet. We receive mails from India , Afghanistan, Middle East, Bangladesh, etc. As a Pakistani you should be proud of this work. However we respect your opinion.

I purchased your CD Labeled Web Page Designing & Hosting in Pakistan; but now I am in Kuwait & I need your certificate. What should I do in the case of verification . Please guide me in this regard (Muhammad Saeed Iqbal, Kuwait).

Kindly fill up the Undertaking form and get it attest by someone authorized and send it to us. We can only send you the certificate within Pakistan. The postman will collect the money at the time of delivery. (Rs. 250/-).  Anyone can verify the certificate from our website.

I have purchase your CD but it require a password how we can get this. 

Send us your address and User I.D of the CD and we will send you the Password through postal service. Postman will receive amount on delivering you the Password.
What is User I.D AND how to get user I.D of my PC?

User ID is the code which our CD extract from your computer based on its configuration. You can extract this code with the help of readme.txt file which you can open on notepad.

Please follow the instructions provided in the 'readme.txt' file and extract your user I.D for password.


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