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Training Links is the CMIS (Computer Managed Instruction System) company involved  in Developing and Producing CDs containing instructions. These instructions can be for operating IT packages, Developing Computer programs, Product information or operation/maintenance procedures, cooking recipe , Code books, Policy Manuals, etc.. The distinct feature of these instructions is the ease of use and convenient to understand as CD's operate in convenient manner and the language of instruction could be any one of your choice (English, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto, Blochi or any other). Hear is our First CD for you in Urdu language with title Adobe Photoshop Seekhayn Aur Paisay Kamayan, Webpage Designing & Hosting with FrontPage XP, MS EXCEL, AutoCAD, CorelDraw 12 and Email Marketing is also available in the market.

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Order us, we will provide CDs and Certificates at your doorstep
Just email or SMS (0300-2363870) your order with postal address,
you will get it by post in 4 days.

Price per CD within PAKISTAN Rs. 400/- including Password.
Each Certificate Rs. 400/- inclusive of  your name on our website.
Inclusive of Postal charges/Money Order Charges.
(Payable Through  VPL  or  MONEY ORDER)
US$ 15 each CD with Password including  Shipping  World Wide
(Payable through ' Western Union' Money Transfer)

Special Discount

for Academic Institutions, NGOs, Charity Organizations, etc. on bulk order.

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Objective: Training Links is focusing to serve thru its CMIS CDs to provide Corporate, Industry and Business community a boost in term of develop quality manpower, hence to develop a capability of producing a worldwide competitive products/services/ results.

Training Links is also determined to develop individuals for gaining higher performance/proficiency levels and also for the job-seekers to acquire sufficient knowledge and skill to get absorbed in their specified field of specialization/ interest.

Training Links is capable to undertake jobs from market to develop CDs containing instructions for your specifically developed software or any other instructions which may require video clips, professional audio, scanning/imaging, etc..

For Students/Individuals, Training Links provides Specified Training which is not been thought in the academics curriculum or is necessary for completion of their Projects. Through such training individuals can attain their performance level up to the international standards and hence, can compete for  respective jobs/functions or can prove their strength for immigration purpose to rest of the world.

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