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VtrainU Services

Corporate Success
As much as business and technology continue to change, one thing will remain the same. It takes well trained people to make a company grow and succeed. Training is one of the most cost effective way to increase employee productivity, reduce turnover and keep your company competitive in the marketplace.

More and more, economic pressures are forcing companies to run lean and get the most from their employees. A well trained technically advanced work force is not only more productive, it also provides a strategic advantage which leads to higher profitability and rate of success.

When companies are looking
for ways to keep pace with technology &
the increasing cost of doing business,
it pays to have a training resource like

You may ask us for following services:

Following outputs may include Programming; Audio; Video; Tables; Charts; Maps, Graphics, ClipArt, Specific Animations; etc.. to accomplish the desire task. Additionally, Registration and copyrighting of the output can also be done.

  • Corporate CDs
    • Company's Profile

    • Product Information and Specifications

    • Product Marketing

    • Operation and Maintenance Manual of a Product

    • Policy and Procedure Manual

    • Safety and Security Manual

    • Training Consultancy

    • Tailor-made Instructions for specific issues

    • Instructions for Vendors/Suppliers/Retailers

    • etc..


  •  Training CDs Related to Information Technology

    • Computer Application Packages

    • Computer Languages

    • System Analysis and Design

    • Software Engineering

    • etc...

  •  Academics Coaching CDs from Kindergarten to Masters Level

    • A,B,C of X,Y,Z for everyone.

    • School Fundamentals.

    • Higher School Basics.

    • A/O Levels subjects

    • Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc..)

    • Arts and craft (Languages, Philosophy, Physiology, Music, Painting, etc..)

    • Economics

    • Law

    • etc...

  • E-Books/Album on CDs.

    • Academics books and guides

    • Urdu and other language Literature.

    • Specific Document and/or  Photo Albums

    • etc..

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