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Press Release

So far News related to Training Links has been covered in almost all of the leading newspapers of the country. Additionally, TV channels (Geo and Indus) has also broadcasted Training Links briefing on April 27, 2003. On PTV the coverage will be shown soon.

Number of local IT experts/consultants have seen our CDs and termed Training Links efforts as revolution in spreading knowledge and skills to the masses.

CMIS: following are the areas where this non broadcasting media (CMIS) can help us to acquire knowledge and skill in cheap and convenient manner

  • Policies, Rules, Criterions & regulations

  • Product Instructions/information

  • Academics (Kindergarten to Masters)

  • Safety and security Instructions

  • Health care

  • Poverty Elimination thru Education


  • Product Manuals

  • Specific Operation/Instructions

  • IT Training

  • Technical Skill Development

  • Social Awareness issues

  • Develop Visual Effects

  • Etc.


Following are the few Newspaper clippings for you.

 The NEWS , April 27, 2003, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad



Introduction: Messer Training Links a CMIS (computer managed Instructions System) company is developing CD based products in local languages. These CDs provide instructions for IT Packages, Academics, Product Information, Operational Manuals, Technical Skill Development, etc. 

Training Links is pleased to present its first CD in Urdu (audio and screenplay) on Adobe Photoshop. M/s Karachi Computer (F-126, Rainbow Centre) has been awarded the limited rights to copy and distribute this CD in Pakistan.

Product Information: This copyright interactive CD is of 700 MB data which will play approximately 8 hours sessions on Adobe Photoshop Ver. 6 & 7. This auto-run CD contains audio in URDU and appropriate screen play to make its viewer understand the given instructions easily. This CD is extremely easy to play and viewer can browse lesson by clicking on Urdu text describing the lesson or topic. The curriculum covered is designed exclusively for those who want to practically work on this package.

Training Links: One of the ‘Training Links’ official told that ‘Technology is revolutionizing almost every aspect of our lives. Companies the world over need talented people with the skills and know-how to drive their businesses forward into the competitive economies. An average institute charges Rs. 5,000. for such training and more over it will take 20 to 30 visits of student to the coaching Institutions. And one can not repeat session if absent for a day or so. Whereas, this preserved training CD can provide same at a modest amount of Rs. 50. only and trainee can take help from this CD on as and when needed basis. This would be one of the most effective way of learning. Trainee will play a five minute instruction clip and practice the same for developing the Skill. Trainee can also find answers to their questions on FAQ of .

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